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Day 61

Not much is in store for me today road-wise. It’s flat, it’s wide, it’s open.

The main point on the agenda is my leaving Montezuma. A beautiful community of people who took me in and treated like one of their own.

It’s my ‘saviour Paul’ - whom I stayed with during that period – who takes me back to where I broke down a week ago: Beeler. We stop at the gas station he picked me up from the week before and I run into Char & Steph. They are the two ladies who fixed me up with some lunch. It feels like I’m meeting up with friends.

Paul gives me a ride to Beeler and says I should call him up if I break down again. As much as I adore him, I really hope I don’t have to take him up on his offer. Given the RANS bike that I was gifted with, I am pretty confident I will be good.

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