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Day 64

The highlight of today, apart from being able to cross the 100-km threshold anew (which ALWAYS feels nice), is the lovely folks I meet along the route. And the local fauna: it seems like Kansas is home to some many a camel!

I am actually AMAZED that I manage to get ANY miles behind me for it seems like I spend most of today just talking. There is Kimberly from Nickerson, Linda from Buhler and Rodney - a fellow RANS bikes (recumbent) enthusiast. The moment I open my mouth to any one of them, we end up being at it for hours. They all send me off with some food, drinks or money (going, obviously, into my fundraiser).

Nearing Newton, the nice change in scenery consists of the bike-friendly signs that start popping up along the road: official TransAm signage, bicycle friendly streets, “full lanes for bikes” signs and the likes.

I hear the eastern part of the country is mostly like this, so this seems like a promising preview of what’s in store for me.

I end the day at a fire station. With the forecasted storms, I seek a roofed shelter for I always enjoy not being electrocuted when I sleep with my CPAP… Some firefighters direct me to a bigger unit in the city centre and it turns out to be the place that used to host numerous cyclists up until 2014. I am their first visitor since that summer, when a bike shop-bike hostel appeared on the map and started taking all the stray cyclists in.

I get lodged, fed and am also allowed to do a laundry. My stinking clothes and I really appreciate. The night is calm, no alarms go off, I get a good night’s sleep.

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