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Day 65

It is 7 am and with breakfast in my belly (courtesy of the fire brigade), I am READY & WILLING!!! Bring it on!!! Except that a huge storm is about to sweep across the state. The fire-guys advise I wait it out at a local café and put whatever I want to eat on “Barry’s tab.” They wave me off chuckling to their heart’s content.

I get to the Bread and Basket and ask, as directed, to hang around until the storm wanes away. And for some coffee and a cookie, on Barry. The sales person agrees and I get my cuppa. And then Barry comes along! He’s the former fire-fighter turned the owner of the very café. We chat, he feeds me “whatever I want” off the menu and sends me off with delicious lunch for the road. Along with Barb, the sales person, and Carlos – another staff member, they contribute $50 into my fundraiser! Barry also gives me the contact details of some friends of his whom I should hit up once in Virginia and Washington D.C. How exciting!

I am back in the saddle after 10 am but out of the city only after 11 due to a pressing pharmacy stop. After an hour, it starts to rain again. Given how incredibly hot it has been, I am rather pleased with the cooling salutary drizzle. Riding in the warm rain is pretty great. Until the lightings get involved. And man, are they dangerous! People get struck and killed. There is nowhere to take shelter along the road. I get anxious and decide to keep cycling as I figure there are at least my rubber tyres isolating me from the ground.

I arrive in Cassoday and decide to call it a day because of the weather. I struggle to find a roof for the night though. Both the senior centre and the church used to host cyclists but they had some issues and stopped. Problems with cyclists, you say? I have a really hard time believing it. It’s the first time I have come across a story of some troublesome, havoc-wreaking bikers. Serious?! I mean, from *my* experience, even if I WANTED to cause mayhem, I would have collapsed in bed from exhaustion before even starting!

After an hour’s search, I manage to find a local couple who agree to put me up in their house for the night. Saved! I indeed always appreciate when I don’t get electrocuted during my sleep with my CPAP machine.

One more day to live. One more day to ride!

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