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Day 66

Thursday is yet another of those sizzling hot days. I am riding and melting away at the SAME time. Whenever there are cows chilling out by a lake or a pond, I just long for the opportunity of joining them by their pool. They have it so good…

The ride itself is going pretty smooth: I manage to cycle some 28 km in under an hour. I’m on FIRE! On my water-refill stop in Toronto, the shop owner says there’s a lady who hosts cyclists and that I should look her up. Well, I actually want to keep going and get a bit further (Chanute) so I politely decline and ride off. I am several kilometres past the town when a car going in slows down and a smiley face enquires about my sleep-over plans for the night.

“I want to ride to Chanute.” I reply.

“Oh, well, that’s a bit far. You know, you can stay at mine’s if you wish to. I am used to hosting cyclists.”

“Thank you, but I am feeling fierce and ready for the challenge. I want to keep riding.”

The conversation goes on for about half an hour. We start cracking jokes, exchanging our respective cards, more laughs and stories. It looks like I’m not going ANYWHERE tonight for I have met Jean-Marie.

I turn around and we swing by a couple of her friends. It takes us another hour of chatting before we make it to her house. After some AMAZING dinner, she takes me over to her lake “sunset spot.” When she asks me about my profession, I reply with my standard trip-related pitch: I work in a financial administration of a Parisian fashion house and I decided to ride across the States with no money and two t-shirts.

“Ah! You’re that moneyless girl!!!”


“Yes!!! I have heard about you and have been expecting you.”

“Really? How?”

“From Curtis from Darby. He’s warned me about you.”

“Oh, like in ‘close your doors and shut your fridge’ kind of way?”

We keep laughing until we’re too tired and it’s time to go to bed.

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