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Day 67

There are three words to describe today: hot, humid and I-want-to-drop-everything-and-quit.

As per the introduction, the ride is difficult, I am sleepy and sticky. Whenever there is shade, I lie down and refuse to move. Whenever someone offers water, I linger on for the conversation. No wonder that when I finally hit Girard, it’s already pitch dark and I can no longer ride.

But I *really* don’t want to stop 20 km short of Pittsburgh.

Dan, my host, has been waiting for me for a week now so I really don’t want to have to tell him that I’m not going make it AGAIN. I check in with him through text and he sends Mandy - his wife – over. She comes to save my sorry ass and pick me up from Girard to bring over to Pittsburg. Yes, I get a RIIIDE. But let’s not get overexcited here and just keep it between us, okay? Nobody, really, has to know, right?

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