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Many of us, I believe, are concerned with the omnipresence of technology. With the negative impacts of the ubiquitous social media. With real-life isolation the excessive usage of our electronic devices results in. With new technology-related addictions. The list goes on.

I also find this music video clip of particular incisiveness:

Today however, I want to focus on some of the positive that was the original driving force behind many of these modern-day inventions. Because two things happened in Pittsburg. A Facebook connection and another Facebook connection.

I have experienced the fulfilment of the promise that social media would help us connect with like-minded people. I’m talking specifically about platforms such as Facebook or Instagram because, as opposed to hospitality networks whose exact purpose is to connect strangers (the hosts and travellers of WarmShowers or CouchSurfing, for example) I have always considered them as a means of only keeping in touch with one’s *real-life* friends. Not making new ones though. Or promoting whatever one’s business or mission is (as I am, through my FB page). You know: something to read when you’re getting bored in the waiting line.

Imagine, therefore, my surprise when I was contacted by Dan - who invited me to stay at his place when he learnt I would be passing through his town - and David – who asked if I accepted food donations as he wanted to send me a care package. Two strangers who have never seen me, who have never been approached by me through any of the hospitality networks, decided to offer help. Not expecting anything in return. Because what, after all, can a tired cyclist riding some thousand kilometres away possibly do for them in return apart from saying “thank you?”

I am truly amazed at people’s generosity. Looks like Tennessee William’s grim “kindness of strangers” isn’t the only option there is. Let me quote Mark on the subject:


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