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Day 71

Today is not too hard, not too hilly, not too long. Wow, I think I am ready to drop everything and become a professional cyclist. Terry and Bill have sent me off with a stock of road snacks, so I can just go 4EVER.

Having departed from the original TransAm, I get to ride for a few miles on the Old Highway 66. My dad asked me to break a bit off and bring it to him as a souvenir, but the Old Highway 66 is neither old nor dilapidating and so, no chipping is to be done.

I am getting back onto the actual TransAm in Marshfield and I am *particularly* looking forward to it. A super nice lady I run into in Ash Grove, a couple of days ago, told me to go to a place called “The Little Clay House” and have lunch there, on her. The lady’s name was Barbie and the place is run by her daughter Carly. It’s a lovely tea house with the interior décor worthy of a theatre stage designer. The food is as amazing as the place itself and Carly not only feeds me lunch, but also sends off with a full meal to go.

I am so stuffed, I can barely move. She offers a ride to my today’s destination and is quite surprised when I tell her it’s considered cheating. Those cyclists are crazy, aren’t they?!

I make to Hartville nice and easy. I win an ice-cream in my “where you from” challenge. From a 10 year old. Because 10 your old or not, when ice-cream is involved, I AM RUTHLESS. 

Life is good.

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