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Day 72

Even though I have slept like a log for solid 10 hours, I am feeling a bit feeble today. It might be the aftermath of that ride I did on 2.5 hours of sleep and the medication. And the first day of my period. Egh…

I swallow the hills pretty okay, although I do occasionally feel my muscles flex in a painful glitch. The ups and downs of the terrain are definitely making them work. I stop for lunch at the only service place within some 50 miles and get reluctant to leave. I chat with the owner, Rebekah, who gauges the number of touring cyclists to near some 2000 per year. Some numbers! Any numbers! At last!

I am really up for a nap, so a couple of miles after the lunch spot, I find a nice shadow and snooze off for a bit. Three and a half hours later... it’s really late and so Houston is going to be my sweet landing spot for the day. I’m in bed by 8pm. Tent sweet tent.

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