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Day 73

Today is all about...


Yes, the Ozark Hills have decided to kill me. They are hot, humid and hilly as FUCK (pardon my French). The grades are so steep that I am not able to change my gears quick enough and am constantly anxious about my front wheel flipping backwards on me. On tops, I sweat so much, I basically stick to myself.

When I’m just about to collapse and freaking drop it all, a car slows down and a guy sticks his head over the roof:

“Wow, you are some tough woman. I could never do what you are doing.”

“Ah, thanks. Don’t know whether I’m tough though... some people simply call it crazy.”

“Seriously, ma’am, I admire you. I love you. Can I give you a ride? Some water? Food?”

“You know what, I’m a cyclist: I NEVER say ‘no’ to food.”

Chip gives me a rendez-vous two hills down the road. I pull over at the agreed spot and he comes out of his car with some serious dinner and beers…! Trail magic, people!!! I’m telling you!

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