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Day 74

Ever had that experience when you’re sweating your ass up a hill and then, on the down ride, you are so wet, the slope is so steep and you go so fast that you actually get cold chills? Well, welcome to my world. The road indeed continues with its ridiculous humidity and hotness. I am sweating out hectolitres of fluids. But, at least, I am saving on those pee breaks, aren’t I?

Today I manage to get to Farmington, where I am being hosted by one of the few WarmShowers hosts in the area. It feels so luxurious to sleep in a real home, on a couch, with a belly full of home-made dinner. Seriously guys, live a bit on the road and I GUARANTEE you’ll appreciate the simple things of life with a particular zest.

Hate your life? Get on the road!

Can’t stand your job? Get on the road!

Don’t know what to do with yourself? Get on the fucking road!

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