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Day 75

Today will be a long day for I want to get all the way to Murphysboro, as this is where the next WarmShower host lives. Yes, it’s the WS network that holds the ultimate power over my itinerary, lol (if you still don’t know what it is, please click HERE)!

I am nearing the Mississippi river and decide to get in the mood: it’s time to pull up all the songs on the subject. Nina Simone, of course, is one of the first to come up in the search results but when you listen to the song, you know it’s not the river she’s singing about… I do make one lovely musical discovery though:

Once across the river, the local police pulls up to me and enquires if I was the cyclist who stopped in the middle of the bridge. Well, yes it was: because the bridge is so narrow that I wanted to let the trucks pass in order not to block the entire circulation. A conversation ensues and the policemen ask about my cycling on my own:

“Alone?! Are you some wonder woman, or what?!”

“No, not a wonder woman, but you’re close: I’m ‘That Cycling Chick’.”

The BEST conversation EVER!!! They let me off with a souvenir police shoulder pad with Popeye for Chester is the home of the spinach-eating sailor.

But the time flies by - as it always does - and before I know it, I still have some 30 kilometres to do and only an hour of sunlight left. My but hurts, my legs go as fast as they can, I probably do my BEST time during that hour but the night is ruthless and still catches up with me. I hate it but I have to ride after dark for the last 6 miles. I am completely drained, yet I go at those hills as if my life depended on it. Well, it kinda does: the faster I finish, the less chance of being hit by car I have.

I pull in just before 9pm. 140km. I barely know what my name is anymore. Goodbye.

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