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Day 81

It’s the local diner that has me over for breakfast. It’s been run by the same family for decades and has fed cyclists ever since the launch of the trail. The owners actually showcase the ORIGINAL ’79 cyclists log so I get quite excited when I get to hold the 40-year old paper (through a plastic pouch, obviously)!

Today’s weather is not so far but I ride on adamant. After some 2 hours in the rain, wet and cold, I take a break at the office of a local church. I am greeted by a team of three: John, Michelle and Caleb. We talk for some two hours about God, religion, faith, what we believe and what we don’t. I very much enjoy conversations like this as, for some reason, we never have them in our (very) catholic Poland… Actually, it seems like each and every Pole GOES to church but not a single one ACTUALLY believes in God… In the US, on the other hand, in small towns at least, you can feel that people truly HAVE faith and their lives and communities revolve around their church.

I get into Bardstown and head for the local fire station. A crew of 5 takes me in and we spend the evening talking, cracking jokes and playing with a motorcycle one of the firemen left there the day before. What can I say…? A perfect ending to a great day.

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