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Day 83

You know you in Kentucky when you get a sore throat from shouting at the dogs. And they’re after you BIG time. The way to get around them: stare them straight in the eye, point your finger at them and bawl out a firm “NO”. Slowing down also helps and, obviously, having the dog spray at one’s fingertips is a must. I keep mine tucked at the side of my shorts, ready to be shot like a cowboy’s gun.

On an unrelated note, I am eagerly looking forward to getting to the east coast. I hear it’s populated with more people, more WarmShowers hosts, more cyclists and fewer angry dogs.

Also, the landscapes in this part of Kansas are rural and therefore not of much interest to me. I miss the mind-blowing sceneries of the Californian and Oregon coasts. Maybe I should seriously consider the Southern Tier bike route for my next bike outing as it’s everything I am NOT familiar with.

Yes, I know… maybe BEFORE I set off on a new ride I should figure out what I’m going to do with my life in the very immediate future, shouldn’t I? And “being lost” is an understatement of where I’m currently at.

Go figure.

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