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Day 76

I might have missed the 100% solar eclipse (getting ready for the 2024 though!!!), but Mother Nature decided to reward my cycling troubles with something just as cool if not even COOLER. A 360-degree rainbow! On my way out of Carbondale, I look up at the sky and THERE IT IS! I have never seen a FULL CIRCLE of a rainbow before and it’s just there, handing right above me. Are the miracles of the nature within our sight but we simply forget to look at them? Such a waste.

Anywho… I leave Carbondale having made several new friends. Amongst them: Barbara ad Donna, who are also already getting ready for the 2024 solar eclipse (I THINK I have gotten an invite for Barbara’s backyard party!).

I rode 140 km on 5 hours of sleep yesterday so today, OBVIOUSLY, I’m paying for it extra. I am soooo tired I can barely do 60 km. Tired, exhausted and on my very last breath, I get my ass into the little town of Goreville. I stop at a local gas station to ask for a cyclist-friendly shelter and get invited by the regulars, Ray and Silvia, to spend the night at theirs. So lucky! So grateful!

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