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Day 77

My morning run is graced with the presence of a fellow touring cyclist – going in the SAME direction – Mike. Our paths cross on my “getting dressed cause it’s freaking cold” break. He’s been travelling for some three months, continuing his around-the-globe journey he started 3 years ago with his wife. His wife got sick, he went on. He tries to average not more than 80 km which, I guess, is a good run when you’ve been cycling for several years. It’s easy to do 200 km per day when all you’ve ever been on the road is three weeks. It’s a very different story when you’ve been in the saddle for three YEARS. You don’t want to wear yourself to death so it’s all about taking it slow, spreading it out and pacing yourself. And resting.

Well, I am not doing a several-year run, so I can get at it. I leave Mike behind, only to get lost and do some additional mileage on a nasty dirt road… I do go through a cool tunnel though so let’s say that it was worth it.

Today is also the day I’m crossing into Kentucky through the Ohio River. I didn’t actually know a boat was going to be involved until Mike enlightened me during our lunch break. A ferry? A paid one? How am I going to pull this one off? I’m tired, I’m surprised and a bit pissed too. There is no need for money in the end though as the ferry is an integral part of the road: it’s the taxpayers’ money that get you across to the other side.

Now, of course, the ONLY thing on my mind is to compare the numbers: at what point does running a 15-hour-a-day boat service becomes more expensive than building a bridge? According to an article I found online, it’s a matter of several years only! Why then choose to spend more money on a ferry service if it doesn’t make financial sense? Is it political? If anybody knows: please come forward for I’m dying to know!!!

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