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Day 84

Damn, these Appalachians are some no-kidding mountains. The hills I have to cross may not be as high as in the Rockies but they are sure some steep sons of b!tches. I need to push my bike up quite a few of them and, most often, I glide down as I walk. Humiliating.

On tops, the wear & tear is starting to take its toll on me. I am tired. Tired, worn out, run-down, done, finished, wasted, dead. The level of my exhaustion is so high that when I take a breath whilst sweating up a climb to shout “kill me!”, it turns out I am too tired to let any sound out. It’s actually quite depressing not being able to curse as one pleases.

I do make it to my destination though – Hazard – where Mae, my WarmShowers host, resides. She invites me to a barbeque party at her boyfriend’s and everyone is so fun to be with that, all of a sudden, the wear & tear are gone and I feel energised to stay up till 10! HELL YEAH!!! And yeah, I’m in my 30s now: 10pm is as late as it gets, folks!

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