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Day 85

I wake up today in an unusual way: the power in the flat is out and my breathing machine stops working. Not the best way to start the day but sure as hell efficient to get anyone out of bed. It takes over an hour for the current to flow back into the cables and when it does, Mae offers to make us pancakes. That is, if I’m not in a hurry and willing to linger on a little longer. Are you kidding?! American pancakes for breakfast?! I have NEVER had pancakes in the morning in my LIFE, not even as a child, so where do I sign up?!

As far as the road itself is concerned, it’s the continuation of hills and climbs and mounts. I actually feel like a bi-polar schizophrenic: I’m depressed whenever there’s an up slope in sight, cursing like a sailor and wondering what kind of delusional individual would have ever put themselves in a situation like this, only to abruptly change for an elevated mood of euphoric mania whenever I hit the summit and start cruising down.

When I get to Bevinsville, I hit the local church to enquire about a shelter for the night. It’s the revival week so the ministry is having service every night for 7 days. I am invited to participate and happily I attend. The service and the way of preaching is very different not only from what I know from the Polish Catholic Church but also from the other American churches I have been to during this trip. First, the singing takes an entire hour and second, the preaching seems more like an ‘inspired message’ delivered through the evangelist. There is some healing taking place during the session too. And some screaming and shouting. All very much interesting and so I can only regret not being able to follow everything to the letter because of the particularity of the local accent which I find it really difficult to comprehend.

The service ends with a trip to the local creek because one of the church-goers decided to get baptised. I have never seen a full immersion baptism in my life, not even in films, so feel very lucky that I get to participate in this one. Additionally, once by the brook, the emotion and elevated mood inspire 6 other people to get baptised: either for the first time in their lives or as a symbol of return from the stray path back to Jesus.

Once the ceremony is over, it’s the entire Church that is willing to put me up for the night. I wish I could divide myself and go home with everyone as people are exceptionally nice and I would love to get to know every one of them. Divide nor clone myself I cannot though, so I opt to go home with the family that lives closest to the Church. It turns out I’ll be staying with Sheryl, the lady who - inspired by tonight’s sermon - was the first one to decide to get baptised.

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