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Day 86

There’s a song that goes:

The hills are alive

With the sound of music!

Obviously, the lady who sang it (Julie FREAKING Andrews) did not have to sweat riding up them and was oblivious to their treacherous nature. Otherwise, believe you me, the lyrics would have exhibited a different ars poetica.

I hit the top of my morning mountain, tired but also happy and proud of myself, and get excited at the downhill ride. Unfortunately, I forget to take into consideration the lower September temperatures (autumn is on its way!) and I FREEZE to death. I mean, whilst riding down I am literally thinking that I am so cold that I would have preferred to continue climbing than to cruise downhill. CRAZY!

I stop at a house at the bottom of the mountain and ask for some hot water. The residents, Sharon & Johnny, invite me in for some coffee and snacks. I stay for an hour and answer their questions about my trip. I am actually the first cyclist to ever stop at their house since the launch of the trail in 1976 and so I direct them to WarmShowers if they feel like meeting more of the travelling folks.

Upon departure, I have some big plans for the rest of the day: I want to cross at least two mountains and go very far. Unfortunately, life has a different plan for I break at the foot of the second hill. My bike has indeed been acting funky for over a week now but as long as it kept going, I was confident I could put the visit to the doctor’s off to wherever the next bike shop was. Well, the closest repair service is two days away and I might need to find myself a ride.

I therefore post a desperate cry for help on Facebook and the numerous folks try their best to get me help. In the end, it’s a local resident that gives me a lift back to the cyclists’ shelter several miles up the road where I meet two fellow travelling ladies. They help me readjust my wheel. The crank seems to be spinning more or less all right again, but I am wary this fixes the issue. As long as the bike gets me from point A to point B though, it might just be enough for now and I’ll see to it in more details once I’ve got a mechanic on hand.

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