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Day 87

Each occurrence of my bike breaking down takes a huge emotional toll. I get particularly stressed because as far as finding shelter and food has become my second nature by now, finding a moneyless way to repair my bicycle is still level ++hard. Also, as I am getting more and more tired, talking to people and engaging in relationships is becoming more and more challenging. Money, certainly, has some unquestionable advantages: it allows you to save time, spares you from engaging in anything if you don’t feel like and ensures the answer is (almost always) “yes.”

Without money, on the other hand, you have to engage, explain, convince and be prepared to take a “no” for an answer. Once, twice, thrice… sometimes 10 times. And in a place where you don’t have 10 options to turn to, a “no” costs a lot. I guess this is what I’m most worried about and it’s this anxiety that had drained me out of energy and made me sleep for 11 hours!

I am actually so exhausted and sleepy, that after barely 30 km up and down some of the most beautiful hills since Yellowstone and Tetons, I give up and look for shelter. I find myself in a tiny town with not even a grocery store in it. The church seems to be closed and all the houses empty. When I finally manage to find someone who is willing to help, the numerous phone calls she makes for me avail at nothing and so she decides to take me in.

I spend the afternoon with Sandy and her grandkids and help Rosie - Sandy’s granddaughter - with her math homework. It’s my first take at an American homework ever, it takes us some time but I can happily announce that we emerge victorious!

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