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Day 88

After, yet another, 12-hour night, it’s one of Sandy’s grandkids that knocks on my door to wake me up. Tired as I was, I forgot to set my alarm clock the night before. Today, finally, I feel rested and ready to take those hill head on. Every single person I meet though, scares the sh!t out of me by sharing how bad they feel for the beating that I am about to take… Way to encourage cyclists, guys!

Yes, the hills go up. Yes, they are steep. Yes, I hate them. Yes, I am tired. Yes, I walk parts of them. Yes, I stop every 15 seconds to take a break. BUT, I also DO make it across EVERY SINGLE one of them. VICTORIOUS. Because, even though they’re tough and painful, I am also persistent and I never give up. And Judy and Ella keep me company through the toughest parts.

I get to Rosedale, where a cyclists church-hostel has been hosting bikers for 41 years. I actually make it in time for a Bible study (and dinner!), in which I participate with great interest. Today, we learn about the “where” and the “when” of the Old Testament: something I have been always curious about but too lazy to check. I stay with the pastor after hours for a heated debate on the BIG issues and I’m pleased to find his take on those questions particularly satisfying. In the middle of nowhere. Who would have thought?

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