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Day 79

Today, the old folk wisdom - “a Facebook stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet” – materialises again. Jimmy, one of the people who’ve been following me on my journey, responds to my post of a bike photo I wish I had: with antler handlebars. He claims he has some to spare.

“Bring them over! With food!” I joke.

“I will.” He replies.

Turns out, Jimmy lives just 30 minutes away from the TransAm and decides to come down with supplies. And the antlers! We spend my lunch break together and he shows off some of the bikes he built as well as the skills it takes to ride them.

I always find it heart-warming when I get to connect with someone thanks to the ubiquitous Facebook & co. It feels then like the media deliver, in the end, on their social promise.

I get back on the road and get to Fordsville, where I seek shelter at the volunteer fire department. The building is closed so I ask a local couple for help. They call someone up and a woman comes over and lets me in. Kendra doesn’t only welcome me at the station but also brings some snacks along. I wish I could chat with her but am too tired. At the same time, the couple from across the street invite me over for dinner, yet I have to decline. I am too exhausted to move. And that’s some pretty serious state for me. For if I refuse to talk and eat it means that I am really close to dying.

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