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Day 89

Oh my gosh. The ride from Rosedale to Damascus is an absolute BLISS. The hills are minimal, in the first place (and that’s always a joy), and, second, the views are SPECTACULAR. I’m going through countryside rollers and autumn forests. And it feels like I’m just cruising!

Today’s not the longest of a day because I decide to stop in the first town with a bike shop because my ride needs to see the doctor. Mike, the mechanic who takes me on, is not able to reproduce the issue I’ve been having, but it might be because he’s already fixed it when adjusting the breaks. Everything seems to be working, so I’m relieved, happy and good to go!

I leave for The Place: a shelter provided by the city of Damascus to both TA cyclists and AT through-hikers. The AT stands for the Appalachian Trail which is one of the 3 major cross-country hikes in the US, along with the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. Everything in town is about the AT and this summer has welcomed the “AT class of 2017.” I also want to go to this university!

Several days back actually, in Berea, Maya told me about this guy she’d hosted who is a Triple Crown hiker and a Triple Crown biker. It means that he hiked-through the AT, the PCT and the CDT and completed the TransAm, the Southern Tier and the Norther Tier routes. Now, that is some big-ass life achievement. I’m so jealous.

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