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Day 91


The morning is tough. When will I learn that I am not 20 anymore and should not be partying like a wild animal?! Yes, we did go to bed at a reasonable hour but I’ve had two beers too many: 2. I guess that with the amount of physical activity I am doing these days, the alcohol must be metabolising differently. It seems to go straight to my muscles and make me suffer. My own fault.

Today’s stretch of the trail consists of rolling hills that some believe are steeper and harder than the Ozark ones. I beg to differ. I get them behind at a reasonable pace and get to Christiansburg right on schedule.

Tonight I am staying with Sean, an ultra-through-hiker: he’s ultrafast and packs ultralight. And is planning his first ever bike tour. Our match is therefore perfect for I’d LOVE to do a through-hike in the near future and so we have heaps to talk about. We actually have more to talk about than I am able to handle for I am really really tired and collapse in bed at 10. I do have Sean’s contact details though, so I’m hoping he’ll allow me to pick his brains at a later date.

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