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Day 92

Sean lives north of the centre of Christiansburg, close to the trail, in a residential area. Upon departure, I have to decide whether I want to go back in town to get some breakfast or whether I am pushing it to the next one. I choose the latter, for the town of Christiansburg is hilly and I am lazy. Yes, I prefer to risk dying from hunger than going twice up and down the hill, if I don’t have to.

Good people are not far though, so die I not and can fully enjoy the crispness of the morning with a full belly. I regularly forget how wonderful it is to leave at dawn, ride through the brisk air of sunrise and have half your mileage behind you before lunch. For I am not your ordinary cyclist who leaves at a conservative hour. I really like people and I really like to talk. Wherever I finish for the night, there is usually opportunity at both and so I systematically engage with folks into the late hours of the night. And then the following day I need to sleep ‘till late in order to get my beauty sleep. So yeah, I am totally enjoying the morning ride and I do get most of my miles in before lunch.

I get to Troutville pretty early therefore and sit down and relax whilst waiting for my host to arrive to take me off the streets. It’s an American-British-with-Polish-origins couple that is putting me up for the night. I didn’t think it’d work out for they live off the trail and a bit behind of where I have ended today except that they agreed to pick me up in their car and take me back on the route tomorrow morning. The exceptional fact about Chris and Monica is that they met through… WarmShowers! And who knows, maybe several years down the road they are going to populate the world with some WarmShowers babies!!!

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