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Day 97

Today’s road is flat, bike-friendly and easy. Not much to report, really.

Apart from one societal issue I have noticed.

Ever since I left San Francisco, I have not seen a single black person in the whole of the US. That is, until I got to Charlottesville and went through Monticello. It seems that the road is now taking me through Black American communities where the only white person is… me!

This made me realise another thing. The racial break-down of the cycle touring community. In the past 4 months, I have come across:

- 3 Asian guys (one Chinese and two Japanese I think).

- 2 Hispanic boys (brothers from Columbia).

- 0 Black people.

And 5 fellow single ladies.

It would therefore seem, that cycling touring is a white man’s sport.

Can anyone tell me why?!

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