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Day 98

To do today: cross the continent by bike.

Once I get to Yorktown, I will have cycled across the United States, without money and with a breathing machine in my panniers, all by myself, like a big girl.

Well, turns out that if you get in the saddle at noon and take an hour nap in a hammock by the road, you don’t make it across the country.

At 7pm I am on the outskirts of Williamsburg, eating a protein bar and it’s getting really dark. A car pulls over and asks whether I need assistance.

“Nah, I’m all right. Just having a snack before I continue.”

“You’re going to Yorktown? That’s precisely what I want to do with my son next year, but in the opposite direction.”

“Cool! So, you *have* heard of WarmShowers?”

“Yeah... somewhat. I think I need to sign up!”

“Well, would you like to start hosting… TONIGHT? I prefer not to ride in the dark if I don’t have to…”

“Sure! Come on over!”

Dave puts his address in my GPS and so I am spared riding in pitch black forest. And I am quite relived, to tell the truth, for I really hate riding in the dark.

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