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Day 102

Today, even though I am still not following any scenic bike trails, I have to say that I am quite impressed with the road.

Highway 40, which takes me all the way to Havre de Grace, has a very wide shoulder. It is systematically marked as a bike path and there are plenty of bikes signs along. The path is sometimes wider than the actual lane and… it’s ALL FOR ME! I feel like dancing and singing. I’m a happy camper and I am on FIRE: going sooo fast.

And then, the best comes when I pass a 10-km traffic jam. The cars are not moving, not even a bit, whilst I’m joyfully cruising by. I want to shout “YOUUU SUCKERS!” at the drivers as I pass them all by. But I don’t. No, for I don’t like to see people suffer, even if it’s in their big, air-conditioned, TV-equipped fancy cars. No. Because I’m not a monster. ;-)

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