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Day 104


I am sooooo excited, I can’t sleep past 5:30. I wanna get to New York AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I still, obviously, have time to linger over breakfast and talk my hosts’ ears off, because there is nothing I enjoy more than some good convo. I leave late but I leave HAPPY.

And I AM ON A ROOOOOOOOOOOLL (yes, I might be shouting ALL THROUGHOUT THIS FUCKING POST!). My thighs are burning. I’m a freakin’ rolling machine. I am going fast and I am going strong. I have a HUGE banana-smile on my face. I occasionally have tears in my eyes. I AM ALMOST THERE if you missed the news!!!

It must be providence when Michael Jackson pops up on my playlist. Wait? What?! Michael Jackson? What does he have to do with the price of tea in China?

Let me put it in modern English:


I was 7 when I discovered his music. I was 8 when I asked my parents to sign me up for English classes (because I wanted to be able to talk to him when I would meet him). I was 12 when I saw him in concert and when I ALMOST met him (my cousin has been DEAD to me ever since for ruining this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity). I have wanted to come to the United States ever since I listened to the first song.

The English I learnt as a result of this dream has allowed me to become a linguist and to travel the world more easily. I was actually ready to set off on my first solo bicycle trip the day Michael Jackson passed away (he died, I got a flat: I decided it was not a good day to go cycle and so I went off on June 26th, 2009 instead. You can read about it here.).

And so the music that starts pouring into my ears is just… PERFECT. I haven’t listened to the old man in over, I don’t know, 15 years, and yet, here he comes, at the perfect time and perfect place. I am riding and singing (off tune) to my heart’s content. The winning album is ‘Immortal’ and man, what a neat piece of music it is. The victory songs: “This Place Hotel,” “Smooth Criminal,” “Dangerous,” “Speachles,” “It is Scary…” No, you know what: IT’S THE ENTIRE FUCKING THING, this is how good it is!!! I sing, I yell, I occasionally burst out laughing when a scene from “The Office” pops into my head.

Watch out people, the crazy lady is coming to town!

By the way, despite becoming a linguist, I can still barely make out only 60% of Smooth Criminal’s lyrics and deeply believe that “akaszyndoł” is a genuine English word.

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