Day 6

May 23, 2017

I get woken up by Judy, who’s enthusiastically getting some coffee ready for the two of us. I love her coffee zeal. Before she leaves for work she saves my cold unprepared ass by providing me with a comforter and two warm shirts for the road: yes, I have not prepared my gear well enough.


I’m ready to go but my rear wheel needs mending. I have been putting it off for days as bike maintenance stresses me out but I finally get down to it and, surprisingly, I get the thing fixed without anyone’s help (thank you Bike Kitchen for the field training!).


The road is less challenging today. Have I already gotten stronger or has the land gotten flatter? Probably the latter, combined with some good rest. I leave my kilometres swiftly behind and since have time to spare, I decide to hunt for food. I am not spending any money so my options are as follows: dumpster dive, steal or simply ask. After saving 5 perfectly edible yoghurts from a local bin I decide to give asking a try.


The response is overwhelmingly positive!


A grocery store offers me some pork chops straight from their refrigerator:


A bakery donates 2 lovely croissants:


An organic shop sends me off with a goodie bag full of fresh produce:


A chocolate boutique invites me to have some of their delicious chocolate:

A “Harvest Market” store supplies me with some sunscreen:


A local food deli supplies me with a fresh sandwich and a cookie:


So much love and care in this world.


Especially on a day like this, when one can only ponder on the fate of humankind. #manchesterattack

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