Rest day

June 17, 2017


My rest day is just how I like them: after a good 10-hour sleep I simply hang out with no plans nor expectations and just observe how it unravels.


I have breakfast with Jacque, Maddie and Steve and it sort of goes into deep conversations about life, love, God and the like… (thank you for the “pick-a-question” bowl, Pat and Jalet!). The main conclusion, turns out, is that there is a growing need for social-media one-liner writers so Pat, you should really give it a go! And don’t forget about the tombstone epitaphs either because, in the end, we’re all going to need one!


Jacque, Maddie and Steve take me along to the Painted Hills to get some photos. Everyone has been complaining that there are no pics of me on this website and that basically I might not even be in the US and doing this trip, for there is NO PROOF! So here it is, please stop complaining now.


The day, filled with a good 2-hour sleep (is there anything more beautiful and pure than an afternoon nap?!), ends up at a local pub’s music night. I get to hang out with the neighbours and their kids, listen to some real-life country and some crazy music with wicked lyrics (the “zoonosis” song is probably the most informative piece of composition I have ever heard).


My  beautiful cycling portraits and some of the above photos were provided by the talented Jacque and Maddie. Thank you ladies!


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