Day 36

July 7, 2017

After a week’s rest, I am happy to be finally back in the saddle. Thanks to Erik from the Free Cycles, my bike runs smooth like butter on bread. I can feel the hills being easier on my knees thanks to the new triple. Hopefully, they will stop doubling in size every evening (the knees, not the hills!).


Apart from that, the road is easy, flat and straightforward. It’s just the heat that is the challenge. And starting the day at 5:15 in the morning only helps until noon…


Today’s hard work is however rewarded when I arrive at Curtis’ cycling heaven in Darby. He loves WarmShowers and tonight he’s hosting 8 of us! This is quite some hosting goals! Curtis makes us delicious dinner and gets us all drunk on his 10 bottles of mead. I guess tomorrow we’re all going to be climbing those hills backwards…  



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