Day 44

July 16, 2017

Today I will be climbing the 2nd highest peak on the TransAmerican trail: the 3300-meter high Togwotee Pass. I therefore wake up at 5am in order to leave early. However, when I start talking to people and begin winning some ice-cream in my “where you from?” challenge, I do not leave the campground until after 9am. Obviously.


It gets hot very early on, I am tired (fatigue or elevation?) and so I take a quick nap at a local RV park. When I wake up, it seems like it’s going to rain. But you know what? If it means avoiding cycling in the heat - I’m a happy camper.


The 3000-feet elevation gain is stretched over some 30km and turns out not as bad as I would have expected. Or… I am simply getting stronger and the last days of training bore their fruit: I committed to not walking the hills but cycling them EXCLUSIVELY, with as many breaks as needed. The first climbs, therefore, looked like this: cycling for 15 seconds and catching my breath for 5 minutes.


Today is yet another victory when, after 5 hours, I reach the peak of the Togwotee Pass. I managed to stay all throughout the 3000-feet elevation gain in the saddle. And THAT is the news of the day. Good night.



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