Day 48

July 21, 2017

Today is:


  • interstate: not that bad

  • road: not that long

  • climbs: not that high


And hail.


I am riding in the middle of something resembling a desert. It is sizzling hot. It feels like if I were burning in hell. A cloud appears on the horizon. Great - finally some shade!!! It starts to rain. Cool - a bit of refreshment for the sweltering me. And then it starts to hail: so bad and with the wind so strong, that I have to get off my bike and hold it so that it doesn’t fly off. I want to get my raincoat except that the hail is so big that all I manage to do is just cover my head to shelter it from the blows.


Three minutes later it’s over. Five minutes later it’s like it’s never happened, for the sun takes over and dries me up.


Welcome to Colourful Colorado and its weather.

That'd be all!

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