Day 68

August 21, 2017

Dan takes me to his bike shop for a full complimentary check-up of my, rig courtesy of the owners. It’s Mark - the big boss of the Blue’s Bike Company - that greets us on this Sunday (sic!) morning. He trues the wheels, pumps the tyres, greases the chain, adjusts the gears and tightens the breaks: my bike is like brand new!


Before I leave Pittsburg, Hayden – Dan and Mandy’s daughter – treats me to some beautiful breakfast. I am ready to go. Out into the heat and humidity. I stick to the bike AND to *myself.*


After having lost at least one litre of pure sweat, I make it to Golden City. The short day allows me to catch up on my blog at a local café. The place is sooo refreshing: the air-conditioning is working magic. Until I will have sat there for an hour and cooled down. After a couple of hours I, indeed, start shivering and chattering my teeth.


I leave into the warm evening air after 8pm. I am about to set camp in the city park, when the neighbouring skies start flashing with lightning. Awww… I was really looking forward to NOT talking to anyone. The weather forecast doesn’t announce any rain in this part of the county, but whom has ever trusted a weather forecast? I start knocking on doors: most won’t even open (are the people away at his late hour or do they not hear?). One guy sends me to an old gas station where, apparently, there’s a place for cyclists to crash. The current inhabitant informs me however that, unfortunately, it has been closed for a long time. I try a huge neighbouring house: the owner directs me to the local city park. When I share my concerns about mixing electricity (my CPAP machine) and water (the potential rain), he reassures me there’s some sort of a roof available. Ehhh… I have seen better shelter from storm then a roof without walls. I try another huge mansion where some people are watching TV: they don’t even open (deafened by the entertainment box?). A car pulls up: it’s the guy from the house before. He asks whether I want him to show me the way: ehhh… yeah… why not... I am really NOT in the mood for further search quest. I just want to slip into my tent, Netflix & chill. And so I do.


Lucky me, the storm bypasses the city and doesn’t even shed one drop of rain on my head.



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