Day 78

September 3, 2017

It’s here, in western Kentucky, that I get to see my first (ever) Amish buggy. I am tempted to take a photo but knowing so little about the culture I prefer not to risk taking the poor guy’s soul to hell with my electric appliance. What I’m trying to say is that I have no idea what the Amish think of cameras and photography and since they’re rather conservative, I do not want to cross anyone. Imagine, therefore, my surprise when I discover some battery-operated lights at the back of the buggy. Hold on, so you won’t use electricity but you’ll use batteries? Isn’t this like cheating ? Hmmm… I obviously need to investigate!


I could never be Amish for the simple reason that I like “visual entertainment,” aka TV, far too much. A couple of weeks ago, when alone and bored to death in my tent one evening, I decided to give “The Office” a go. I watched it, I cringed, I was hooked! My watching the series is obviously the reason why I didn’t come anywhere near my blog for over a week: I was too busy couch-potatoing in front of TV!!! It’s gotten real bad real quick too: wherever I sit down for a 5-minute break I pray there be LTE connection on my phone so that I can continue watching the show.


Yes, it’s bad: I’m compulsive and I cannot pace myself. BUT, the series is sooo funny that it keeps me entertained for miles on end. I replay my favourite scenes in my head and they make me laugh even when I’m going uphill. The show also makes me think about my *own* office. I realise how much comical talent we have in there! And even though we might not be *as* crazy as the guys on TV, I’m pretty sure we’ll get there if we work at it.


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